FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. Questions about the apartment

How is the flat equipped?

  • High-quality furnishing consisting of bed incl. mattress (usually 100cmx200cm
  • Desk and chair
  • Shelves, wardrobe
  • wardrobe with mirror and lighting
  • bathroom with shower and WC
  • kitchenette with two ceramic hobs, fridge with freezer compartment, sink, lighting and storage space
  • doorbell system with intercom
  • High-speed internet access

Please note that there may be variations in furnishings from Felixx to Felixx, especially in the state-subsidised halls of residence. For further information, please contact our colleagues at any time.

May I remove furniture from the flat or bring my own furniture?

You are welcome to bring your own furniture. However, the existing furniture cannot be removed.

Are pets allowed?

In consideration of the entirety of the residents, the landlord's responsibility and in the interest of proper management of the house and the residents' flats, the keeping of animals is prohibited. This takes into account the close connection of the flats within the house and the common use of the rooms and areas provided for this purpose, as well as their facilities, and the different cultural and religious character of the residents of the house.

What do I do if something breaks in the flat?

Simply contact the responsible property manager, he or she will be happy to help you.

2. Requirements

Who is allowed to live with Felixx student?

The letting requirements differ for the properties and must be checked in each individual case. Appropriate proof must be provided.

As a rule, we rent to pupils, trainees, students, interns, doctoral candidates.

What documents do I have to show?

A valid copy of your identity card/passport/VISA, enrolment certificate/education certificate/school certificate/internship contract".

In individual cases, you must provide us with a current certificate of registration (not older than 14 days).

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 6 months. Unfortunately, we cannot offer rental contracts with a term of less than 6 months.

I am a minor. Can I still book a flat?

Yes, you are also welcome to live at SMARTments. However, the tenancy agreement will then be concluded with a parent or guardian.

3. Service and benefits

What loan items are available?

The items available for hire vary depending on the location. We offer hoovers, mop sets, irons, table tennis bats, etc., among other things. Ask our on-site house technician about this.

What is the Community Programme?

In one sentence: an offer by students for students, sponsored by us! How about a sports group that meets for football, table tennis, jogging or Pilates? Or a regular event in the group room where you cook, play games, discuss homework, practice for presentations, discuss the state of the world or watch films?

4. Booking

How do I book a Apartment?

  • Select the desired house and click on "Request now".
  • You will be redirected to our booking portal
  • Here you have to register to create an account.
  • You can then enter your information.
  • Provide all requested documents by uploading them to the portal (copy of ID/passport and proof of study).
  • After reviewing your documents, we will send you the rental contract.
  • You will receive an email and can log back into our portal to sign the lease online.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, a team member will review your request. At this point we will either send you a booking confirmation email or information on how to proceed. If you do not receive a booking confirmation or a response to your request within 72 hours, please contact us.
  • Once the rental contract has been concluded, you must log in to the portal again and confirm the contract once more. Click on "Save&Continue
  • Once you have received a booking confirmation, your room is secured and you do not need to do anything else.
  • On the final page you can make an appointment to move in with our property manager.
  • If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder.

Are there still flats available and how much does a flat cost?

Simply send us your complete application using the enquiry form on our homepage. We will contact you as soon as we have a flat available for you.

Unless you hear from us, we cannot offer you a flat due to lack of availability.

I have received an error message. What should I do?

Write directly to the Operations Manager responsible. We will then help you with the troubleshooting.

5. Visiting

What can I visit in the house?

Viewings are generally difficult for us, as all flats are rented out and we are dependent on the tenants here.

So we can't promise to show you a flat. But in any case, you can get an idea of our property itself.

Please contact the relevant property manager directly for a property viewing.

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6. Mietvertrag

Was muss ich machen, nachdem ich meinen Mietvertrag erhalten habe?

Du unterzeichnest die Mietvertragsunterlagen, SEPA Mandat und Widerrufserklärung direkt online. Wir melden uns dann bei dir umgehend mit sämtlichen Details bei dir zurück.

Darf ich ein Apartment untervermieten?

Hierfür schaust Du am besten in deinem Mietvertrag nach.

Auf Seite 1 Punkt 5 findest Du den Mietbeginn. Unter § 1, Absatz 4 findest Du weitere Informationen zu Deiner Vertragslaufzeit.

Bitte melde Dich rechtzeitig vor Ablauf Deiner Mietzeit bei Felixx, sofern Du gerne länger wohnen bleiben möchtest.

Wo finde ich die Hausordnung für mein Haus?

Die Hausordnung ist ein Bestandteil Deines Mietvertrages mit Felixx student. Solltest du diese mal verlegt haben, einfach in Deinem Log-In Bereich schauen, dort ist sie auch hinterlegt.